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Login with Facebook is another great features of CivilFerba Question and Answer, users can login with their Facebook account without registration and email confirmations, Look the easy process:

Click on Login icon on the main page:

The drop down menu displayed as shown in figure below, and click on (Facebook Icon):

The popup window opened on your screen as shown in figure below:

Enter your email and password belongs to your Facebook account and congratulations! you will be as a registered user on our system; after this, you can ask questions, and have a full permission as a verify user of CivilFerba Q&A official forum.

Now Enjoy with every day learning :)

Note that: your information will be protected, and our database only store your full name as your Facebook profile name, your email, and your Facebook profile picture; you can hide your picture on your setting page of your account on our site if its privacy for you.

Note that: After you login by your account, a confirmation email sent to your email, you can neglected or you confirm your email but its not necessary for Facebook users. 

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